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Company Profile

VeerTrust is a locally owned and managed community bank headquartered in Monterey County. We provide professional banking, including credit and cash management services to businesses, professionals and residents throughout California’s Central Coast.

Vision Statement

VeerTrust's vision is to invest in long-term relationships that enhance the financial health and wellbeing of our communities.

Mission Statement

VeerTrust’s mission is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our communities. Through the competence, integrity, and community leadership of our professional bankers, this mission will be achieved by:

  • Delivering relevant products and services that meet the changing and growing needs of our customers,
  • Providing for the safety and security of the funds we have been entrusted to protect,
  • Continually demonstrating that we are an important force, contributing to the economic vitality and general wellbeing of our communities,
  • Promoting the enrichment and growth of our entire employee base, and
  • Earning a satisfactory return for our shareholders.

The success of VeerTrust is therefore completely dependent on maintaining long-term profitable relationships which are mutually beneficial to our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and our entire communities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of VeerTrust is a group of experienced local business people with a wide range of professional backgrounds. Their deep roots within their communities and their passion to create a locally managed community bank resulted in the formation of VeerTrust. Their dedication and commitment continues in their quest to make VeerTrust the premier community bank for California’s Central Coast.

  • Kurt J. Gollnick
  • Daniel R. Hightower, MD
  • Susan C. Freeland, JD
  • Francis Giudici
  • Thomas E. Meyer
  • Henry P. Ruhnke, Jr.
  • Gregory T. Thelen
  • F. Warren Wayland

Executive Officers

The Executive Officers of VeerTrust have extensive experience in community banking. As trusted financial leaders who have a passion for community banking, they are focused on delivering a “best in class” financial institution to our customers, shareholders, and local communities.

  • Thomas E. Meyer
  • Jon D. Ditlevsen
  • Michael J. Winiarski

Regional Presidents and Directors of Client Relations

The Regional Presidents and Directors of Client Relations of VeerTrust are veteran bankers who share an extensive knowledge of their market area and a strong commitment to providing customized solutions for their clients.

  • Stuart M. Tripp
  • Vern Horton
  • Clay Larson

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